The art of bridal makeup and dressing at any age

Whether it’s your second marriage, you’re not a spring chicken or you just want a timeless look for those photos (which will be around long after the flowers wilt), Louisa Alten of Forever Younger Show and Rhonda Allison Clinical Therapies breakdown the best in beauty for brides. Your bridal day is one of the most memory-filled days of a woman’s life. Your bridal pictures hold those memories for years to come. Here are a few points to keep your pictures looking timeless and forever younger.

1 – Avoid trendy makeup on your special day. It will date your wedding pictures – cat eyeliner and glitter eye shadow. Choose, instead, soft smoky shadow over a pencil around the eyes. This will hold your look twice as long and not smudge.
2 – Avoid matte red lipstick. It can look harsh in pictures and overpowering. Choose instead when doing red, a sheer transparent red or a gloss with red in it.
3 – Avoid dark colors in blush or bronzers. They will tend to look heavy. Choose instead brighter and lighter blush colors for a fresh, clean look.
4 – Avoid using mineral powder alone. It will reflect light and can make the face look ghostlike. Choose instead a lighter liquid base or cream that dries to a powder or a translucent powder that won’t cake on skin.

For the bride-to-be who is in her 40s or older, here are some tips to look forever younger on your big day.
1 – Avoid an oil-free makeup or heavy powder. Choose a dewy finish foundation
2 – Avoid a white dress, it is less forgiving. Choose a dress that is ivory, cream or blush to create a more flattering, age-appropriate look.
3 – Avoid big princess dresses. Choose a tailored, pare down look, a fitted bodice with a straight skirt can take pounds off of a figure.

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