Catherine Aiello



As a teenager and young adult growing up on the East Coast, Catherine struggled with acne. In her quest for improvement, she discovered her desire to help others restore self-confidence and pride in their own appearances.

Catherine studied at Kar Che, the Professional Career Center, in Tempe, Arizona. In 2006, she graduated at the top of her class as a licensed aesthetician. She then started her own business, Bella Donna Skin Care, offering state-of-the-art facials and waxing in the privacy of her clients’ homes.

Since then, Catherine has taken her passion and dedication to helping others achieve optimal skin care and acne treatment to her conveniently located Chandler office.

Skin care seminars keep her current in the latest trends and developments. She has been chosen to be a member of the Forever Younger “Dream Team,” a select panel of experts who represent a wide range of knowledge in aesthetics.