Rock Your Image

Stay Forever Younger with “ROCK IT!” Style & Fashion Tips!

“Embrace your unique ASSETS ladies and “ROCK IT!”  Be CONFIDENT bringing fabulous YOU to all you do!  Have FUN with FASHION!” 
Laura Dean – Forever Younger Fashion Expert


  • Boutique Closet

    ROCK IT TIP! Turn your closet into a “boutique!” Take out all of your clothes & clean your closet! Clean shelves, baseboards and vacuum – start fresh! Consider new paint and nice lighting! Ditch the fluorescent lighting. It throws an “off” cast to the true colors.

  • Closet Potpourri

    ROCK IT TIP!  Your closet “boutique” should be a wonderful sensory experience ladies! Get some nice potpourri so it (and your clothes) smell yummy!

  • Close out of closet

    ROCK IT TIP!  Now that all of your clothes are out of the closet…NOTHING goes back in that shouldn’t be there!  Re-read that sentence and proceed if you’re brave.

  • Let it go

    ROCK IT TIP!  “If it doesn’t fit, you must…let it go to “fashion heaven!” Seriously, stop beating yourself up by not being 10 lbs thinner or heavier.  Loose the too big or too small items. Donate them to charity and/or consider a consignment store to re-coup some of your fashion dollars. Then put them toward items that fit and flatter NOW!  “Let it go sister!”  

  • Organize

    ROCK IT TIP!  Take time to organize your closet by classification, i.e. pants, tops, sweaters, jackets and dresses and by color.  Now invest in flocked hangers that are thin, lightweight and keep your tops ON the hangers!  This makes your “boutique” a pleasure to “shop” in!

  • Feel good garment

    ROCK IT TIP!  When dressing, ask yourself this, “How do I feel today and what am I doing today?” Choose one garment (or even a shoe) that makes you feel good and “build” an outfit around that for comfort, fashion and purpose!

  • Color attracts

    ROCK IT TIP! Color attracts! “Pop” color accents with a shirt, cami, scarf or jewelry! Why not get some positive attention ladies? “That color looks so vibrant on you!”

  • Prints are your friend

    ROCK IT TIP! Prints are your friend! Many women shy away from prints, yet prints can be just the ticket to draw attention away from a “less than” desirable aspect of your figure!

  • Jewelry that shines

    ROCK IT TIP! Sparkle is for day time too ladies with jewelry that shines and catches attention! Doesn’t hurt to hear, “Gosh, your really look radiant today!”

  • V-Necks

    ROCK IT TIP! V-necks flatter most women by drawing the eye to the mid-line and creating length and the illusion of being taller and slimmer!

  • Styling” your outfit

    ROCK IT TIP! “Pop the collar, roll the cuffs!” By simply “styling” your outfit you can look effortlessly chic with a simple blouse, jacket and your favorite jeans! BTW, rolling up your sleeves or wearing 3/4 sleeves is like dropping 10 lbs! You’re featuring the slimmest part of your arm!

Identify the STRENGTH of your body-type and personal style!

  • Hourglass?

    ROCK IT TIP! Wear belts and form fitting fashions that show off your curvy figure. Drive that body home!

  • Triangle or Pear-shaped?

    ROCK IT TIP! Wear A-line dresses and skirts to define your fabulous waist! Consider cropped jackets with a stronger shoulder to draw the eye up and create balance. Maybe a sparkling brooch to set off that pretty face too!

  • “Boyish” or Rectangular-shaped?

    ROCK IT TIP! Wear belts to create the illusion of a waist.  Also consider some more feminine touches like a ruffled blouse, an A-line skirt and some jewels!  Pants with a flare create a more balanced shape as your shoulders are typically good!

  • Diamond or Apple-shaped?

    ROCK IT TIP! With your waist being the fullest part of your body, rock those great legs with skirts and dresses that show off that eye-catching asset!  It’s an optical illusion that works…wear belts and tops that define your waist and don’t be afraid of beautiful prints and color!