Steve Pruett



With a passion for developing start-up television stations, Steve Pruett co-founded three major television groups, one major Spanish radio group and an advertising company. With years of media expertise and knowledge, he became a top strategic advisor to two Fortune 500 media and consumer electronics companies. He founded and became President of UPI Media/MMC, consulted and co-founded Excel Communications, USBG TV Group, Acme Television and Outdoor East.

Presently, Pruett is President and CEO of Communication Corporation of America (CCA), a leading medium-market broadcast and media company in the United States. CCA operates twenty-five television stations, including FOX, NBC, CBS, CW, MYNetwork, and EstrellaTV, in ten markets throughout Louisiana, Texas and Indiana. CCA has established itself as the premier multimedia company in the country. CCA is headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana.