Top Secrets

    The Skinny on Skin

    The celebrity glamour of make-up. The rejuvenation of a facial. The pampering of a massage. From ancient times to modern day, the evolution of the skin care industry has burgeoned into a multi-billion dollar business, estimated to be worth 43 billion per year. It’s big business for the body’s biggest origin.

  • 19 Million Cells

    19 million is the approximate number of skin cells found in every square inch of the human body.

  • 28 Days

    28 days is the average time it takes for the body to renew skin cells.

  • 21 Sq Ft

    21 sq.ft. is how much skin is found on an average adult.

  • 2 Story House

    An entire 2-story house is what the average person sheds in skin cells in a lifetime.

  • Skin Aging

    The major cause of skin aging is ultraviolet light from the sun.

    Oh, Beautiful

    From Max Factor’s pioneering Pancake makeup to Coco Chanel’s tan that caused a fashion revolution, women at any one time express the essence of ageless beauty.

  • 41 Percent Moisturize

    41% of women apply moisturizer at least 3 times a day.

  • 29 Percent Look Younger

    29% of women would rather look 20 years younger than be a millionaire.

  • 30 Years

    30 is the average number of years a human lifespan has increased during the 20th century.

  • 80 Percent

    80%of people over the age of 100 are women.

    Happy Hour

    Ha, Ha, Ha…laugh your way to wellness. Reduce stress, enhance your brain chemistry: Those are just two scientific benefits to a good chuckle. Maybe laughter really is the best medicine.

  • 13 Muscles

    13 is the average number of muscles you use to smile. 47 is the average number you use to frown. You have to smile nearly a quarter of a million times to make 1 wrinkle.

  • 5 Minutes

    5 minutes of laughter equals the benefit of 2 hours sleep.

  • Belly Laugh

    1 good belly laugh burns off 3.5 calories.

    Hot for Chocolate

    It’s dark, it’s rich and oh so good for you. Brimming with antioxidants and heart-healthy properties, here’s some yummy facts that give you a good reason to indulge in chocolate.

  • 1/3 Women

    1/3 of all women dream about chocolate during the day, while only 18% think about sex.

  • 20 Billion Spent

    $20 billion dollars is the amount consumers spent on chocolate annually.

  • Dark Chocolate

    Dark chocolate has 8xs the number of antioxidants found in strawberries.

  • 1 Reason

    1 noteworthy reason to eat chocolate – it releases serotonin, which makes a person feel relaxed, calm and happy.

  • 500 Chemicals

    500 is the number of natural chemical compounds found in chocolate, some of which can be mood-elevating, pleasure-inducing and simulate the same feeling as falling in love.

  • Expensive Chocolate

    $2,600 per pound is how much you’ll pay for the most expensive chocolate in the world.

    Feet First

    First there were shoes designed to be worn on either foot. Then King George IV of England had a set of boots made to be worn on either foot. From over-the-top five inch heels to a runner’s pounding foot steps, our feet bear a cumulative weight total of 1,000 tons a day. And there’s tons of reasons to take care of our feet.

  • 8000 Steps

    8,000-10,000 is the number of steps an average person takes a day. Over a lifetime, that’s 4xs the circumference of the globe.

  • 52 Bones

    52 bones in your feet make up ¼ of all the bones in the human body. When they’re out of alignment, so is the rest of your body.