Erika De Coronado



Erika De Coronado has embraced her many passions for over 30 years. As a licensed Cosmetologist, Aesthetician, Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and Hypnotherapist, her devotion to the beauty and wellness industry exemplifies her commitment to inspire the lives of those she touches.

Owner of a skin care and holistic healing Spa, De Coronado is a sought after lifestyle expert whose teachings include natural health and nutrition, holistic healing, corrective make-up and skin rejuvenation. Her skills help transform clients’ outer beauty as well as their emotional and spiritual core where she says the essence of inner beauty truly lies and reflects. As a certified caregiver with Hospice she devoted care to cancer, Alzheimer, MS and heart disease patients.

A mother of three and a proud grandmother, De Coronado was born in Mexico. She attributes her spiritual and metaphysical upbringing to giving her the divine strength, faith and nurturing instincts to care for the health and well-being of others while discovering her own truths, beliefs and life path.

Author of the forthcoming book, Only God Matters and Life in Living Colors, a book of Chromotherapy, De Coronado’s dedication to healing and inspiring others makes her a chosen member of the Forever Younger “Dream Team,” a select panel of experts who represent a wide range of knowledge in the aesthetics and the healing arts.