Episode One

  • Lava Shell Massage

    Need to unwind? Discover the ultimate massage. It’s hot, blissful and puts the heat of the tropics in the palm of your therapists’ hands.

  • Facial Peel

    Facial Peel

    Looking to ignite your skin’s youthful glow? Find out how to turn back the clock in under 60 minutes.

  • Micro-Needling Dr. Rodriguez

    In the name of getting gorgeous, get ready for the scariest and most unbelievable age-erasing treatment you’ll ever face?
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  • Mirco-Dermabrasion

    Learn about a lunch-time Hollywood fix that’s been dubbed the “instant facelift.”

  • Men’s Skin Solution

    Here’s a fast fix for men that has them lining up for a dose of ancient Japanese rice wine.

  • LaMar Day Spa

    Discover an island inspired oasis filled with exotic therapies to keep you Forever Younger.