The illusion of fashion

El Paseo Fashion Week. Photo by FY Studios.


The Forever Younger show created an exciting fashion piece in our Make-Over Make-Younger television segment. What really stood out in this segment was a little something called fashion personality.

Unique to each individual, your fashion sense is all about what you wear: your clothes, your style and your makeup. It can be an inspiring way of communicating your individuality, your values and your lifestyle to the world.

Because you only have seconds to make a great first impression, the image you portray by the clothes and accessories you wear is important. Studies reveal that people attribute a polished image to positive personal traits such as self-assurance and self-esteem. They even reveal that people associate a well-dressed individual with one who is more likely to pay attention to details at work and in life.

In Make-Over Make-Younger, the small elegant details are what transformed our models’ nondescript appearance to a look that showed off their personality. After the transformation was complete, they projected confidence, poise and presence.

Here are some ways to project your Make-Younger self:

*Black can be aging to a person, so pair a pop of color with it. Red or pink are uplifting and can highlight your face. A scarf with bright colors can break up the starkness of your favorite little black dress.

*Every look starts with the shoes. If your shoes are dated or scuffed, you can be perceived as sloppy. A current shoe style can update a look and take years off. Nothing dates a look more than clothing that is out of style. And nothing makes an outfit more youthful than a fun pair of shoes that add color. With a black dress, pair a soft pewter or bronze shoe to add interest. A brightly colored shoe looks youthful.

*Add a dash of bling with a bold accessory. Make a statement and create a trendy, hip feel with a leopard or wide belt. A studded belt can portray a youthful vibe.

*Wearing form-fitting layers to look more polished. Oversized clothing can make you look older and unrefined. Layering clothes creates a look of success. Try wearing a fitted tank under a blouse. You can even try a corset under a tailored jacket for evening.

Start looking at your wardrobe as your fashion personality. What is it you want to present the world? If you feel you need a fashion expert, many stores offer this service for free. These personal advisers will help you create outfits around a favorite shirt, skirt or dress to bring it up to date.

The idea is to think and look youthful and cloths are a key factor in a Make-Younger style. The rest is all about attitude to make you feel Forever Younger.

Brothers in Lafayette and David’s Bridal in Lafayette and Baton Rouge offer personal fashion advisers service.

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