Teeth whitening will keep them guessing


Next to a flawless complexion, picture perfect hair and a model-worthy figure, whiter teeth are one of the top age-defying features any woman, or man for that matter, would like to have.  

Studies show sporting a whiter, brighter smile not only leaves a lasting impression, but it can boost your mood, make your confidence soar and take a whopping 10 years off your age.

Today, getting a movie star smile is not only safe, but affordable too.
Here are four ways to tap into your million-dollar smile.  

Try a Teeth Whitening Toothpaste
Want to brighten your smile without using bleach?  Try a teeth whitening toothpaste.  While not potent enough to dramatically whiten discolored teeth, this handy at-home method can help polish away surface stains by using gentle chemical agents that do not contain bleach.  

Whitening Strips Really Do Work
Touted as one of the most effective ways to a brighter smile, teeth whitening strips put peroxide to work to remove stains.  Following instructions correctly, a brighter, whiter smile should begin to appear within a few days.

Fast and Effective In-Office Whitening
For dramatic results, the answer is in-office whitening conducted in your dentist’s office.  Using whitening products in combination with heat, a special light and/or laser, results can be seen in just one, 30 to 60 minute treatment.

Makeup For A Brighter Smile
Try a little make-up magic to make-over your smile.  Lipsticks in blue-based reds, berry shades, soft shimmery pinks and bright corals can make teeth look brighter.   It’s a teeth-whitening make-over in one colorful swipe.

Tooth whitening toothpaste can lighten teeth color by about one shade. In contrast, light-activated whitening conducted in your dentist’s office can make your teeth three to eight shades lighter. For the best in-office results, arrange your smile makeover well in advance of any special occasion. And remember to consult with your dentist before using any tooth whitening system.

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