Manly skin care


Whoever thought a man’s skin would be more sensitive than a woman’s? Well when it comes to skincare apparently it is. Although men’s skin is twice as oily as a woman’s and up to 20% thicker it is still sensitive and needs protection.

The new consensus is that 65% of men now use sunscreen, but only 5% do so on a regular basis. With skin cancer being the number one concern to men, they need to get active. If 80-90% of aging is caused by sun damage, then men need to get defensive with their skincare.

Here are some great steps to fight aging.

Block Block Block
Defend your skin from the attack of the sun’s damaging rays. A block with Zinc has anti-inflammatory benefits to heal skin. Also choose products with anti-oxidants to guard against free radical damage and prevent a weathered look.

Buff Buff Buff
The best way to keep a man’s skin youthful is by exfoliating daily. Choose an AHA or BETA cleanser. A cleanser with lactic or salicylic acids are the best choices to help re-texturize skin and speed renewal.

Calm Calm Calm
Use an aftershave to calm skin irritation and add hydration to a man’s skin. Nothing is more aging than dry skin. After protecting your skin the most important and the way to battle skin that looks damaged is to moisturize.

Shave Shave Shave
Don’t overwork your disposable razor, it is disposable for a reason, 2 shaves and throw it out. Overusing a razor can cause shaving irritation and redness. Using fresh razors will give you more glide and less resistance.

Spend Spend Spend
Men get serious about your skincare and products. You have to buy and use quality products to get quality results. The fact is, over 70% of men’s skincare products are purchased by women for men. Women realize the importance and benefits of taking an assertive role with skincare.

Men take your power back! Protect your skin from the outside in. You are more sensitive and sensitive is sexy!

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