Five choice to keep you forever younger


One of the greatest opportunities I have had this past year has been to interview people from all walks of life. Most all of them have been professionals in their respective fields for many years.
From Fashion Designer to Doctor I have interviewed on what it takes to keep a person Forever Younger. On this journey I have found it to be thought provoking and amazing how people are doing what they love, engaging their passion. These individuals are pursuing an authentic calling and seem to have no fear of aging, feel and look younger and very often fully enjoy their lives. The most inspiring of these people are the ones who have had the courage to make changes in their lives and pursue their passions. Some have made job changes at a time in their life when most would not consider it, to pursue a passion.
Depak Chopra mentioned in one of his books that learning had a great anti-aging benefit to a person. I have to believe that this is true but I also feel that inspiration is the key to looking and feeling youthful. The key of inspiration may very well be change. Change can be so frightening, exciting, fun, dreaded, renewing, recharging, terrifying and awesome. But regardless no matter how amazing or petrifying it is it can hold the key to the fountain of youth.
Here are some keys to changing your life:
If you have been complaining about the same job over the years stop! Make it a game to go out and interview for any job, shaking up your routine may just be all you need to actually finally do it.
If you hide behind your children as an excuse not to try new things or indulge yourself once in a while stop! Go out and do something for yourself so that they can learn you are important and that they also deserve to have rich experiences in life.
If you are in the closet about a hobby you love to do stop! Get out of the closet and attend a meeting or event based on your hobby. You may find the more seriously you take it there could be a revenue stream that comes from it.
If you wear the same clothes from three years ago and have the same hairstyle or can’t lose that extra weight stop! Take small steps daily that can create a new you. Start now cut portions, workout more, color the grey hair that is aging you or buy one new outfit to start but START!
If you always wanted to go to Bora Bora stop!  Be serious about your dream. There are so many companies offering discounts and packages on trips just start looking at Internet travel sites and give yourself a goal of 6 months to find the deal of a lifetime and recharge yourself at the same time
Now choose one of these five points to do and commit to creating change. Become inspired to start your journey. The one that is your true passion. The one that can help you to create your authentic life. The one that could keep you
Forever Younger…

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